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Platinum Cleaner ES-056

This multi Purposes product is excellent for solving cars’ and indoor leather products pollution problems.

Platinum is the raw material used for platinum cleaner, and its diameter is 1-3mm. Therefore, the inherent properties of platinum are greatly improved, such as catalytic effect, dispersive effect and free radical elimination effect.

Product Details
  • Degerming, Acidifies and decomposes epidermal protein of virus and destroys propagule to form a bacteria free space
  • Deodorizing, Completely eliminates odours by decomposing the source of odour
  • Mildew Proofing, Decomposes mildew from the source and prevents mouldy odour right from the start
  • Anti-Formaldehyde, Decomposes and eliminates formaldehyde and benzene found in paints



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