General FAQ

Is Ecom compatible with other products?
– Ecom’s main function is chlorine dioxide gas, therefore it is compatible with other products.

What Are the Key Benefits of Ecom products?
– The key benefits of Ecom products is degerming, deodorizing and formaldehyde removal.

Can I use Ecom Products like Bion Spray to treat wounds?
– Our products are not pharmaceutical and medical products, they cannot be used to treat wounds.

What is the main ingredient in your products?
– Solid Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2)

Is Ecom products toxic?
– Not at all! Our products are A1 graded by the WHO for being harmless to humans and the environment!

What is the distance to maintains for the EA mask to be effective against viruses?
– The EA Mask is effective within 1m3; however, we have air purifier that can cover as big as 1000sqf.

Where do I store Ecom Products?
– Store it in a cool and dry place

What is the safety level for Ecom products?
– The main ingredient, Solid Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2) has been graded A1, the highest safety level by the World Health Organization (WHO). Our products are also FDA approved.

How long can Ecom products last?
– 1 to 3 months depends on the density of the product

How long does the Ecom product take effect?
– Once opened, the Solid Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2) is begins to work.

Is there warranty?
– There is only warranty of 1 year for the ES-030 Air Purifier.

Does Ecom product filter out dust?
– Only the ES-030 has a HEPA filter on top of the Solid Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2) sheet, the rest of the products do not filter out dust. It just removes germs, odours and formaldehyde.

Any warning against use of CLO2 from FDA or WHO?
– According to FDA or WHO, chlorine dioxide should be used under the following conditions.
– ACCGIH LV-TWA 0.1 ppm (0.28mg/m3) 8 hours exposure limit
– TLV-STEL 0.3 ppm (0.83 mg/m3) 15 minutes exposure limit

Do you have any other forms of CLO2 disinfectant?
– Yes, we do. We have the ES-015 ECOM Spray (Formaldehyde Remover) in liquid form for you to spray in rooms or any places you want to remove harmful chemical gases.

Is the EA Mask effective everywhere I go?
– The EA Mask is effective indoors but may be less effective outdoors.

Are there refill packs for the products?
– There are refill packs available for the ES-010 Mini Air Purifier, EK-030Plus. The rest of the products do not come with refill packs.

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