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Change the Air with ECOM

As Singapore’s exclusive distributor, we at ECOM International (SG) Pte Ltd, are dedicated to making every breath you take, a clean and fresh one! 

Using the patented technology developed by our scientists Japan, our purification uses Solid Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2) that restrains and kills nearly all infectious sources. Germs and odours are eliminated through decomposition and acidification through CIO2. Giving you an odourless and germ-free space to live in.

We currently have 16 products to facilitate your everyday needs. From air purifiers for your homes and cars to wearable air purifiers for you and your little ones, even pets!

Why Solid Chlorine Dioxide?

At Ecom, we had a team of scientist in Japan to develop the Solid Chlorine Dioxide, which removes germs, odours, formaldehyde and prevents mildew. All this, through acidification and decomposition. On top of that, no harmful compounds are produced in the process. That’s why the World Health Organization (WHO) has given the Solid Chlorine Dioxide the highest safety level A1 grading, as well as the title of being a ‘Green Disinfectant’


A World where clean air is affordable and environmentally friendly


To provide a solution for odourless and germ-free air.

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