$0.30/Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

As Singapore’s exclusive distributor, we at ECOM International (SG) Pte Ltd, are dedicated to making every breath you take, a clean and fresh one!

The Science

Behind Our Product


Germs, odours and Formaldehyde are everywhere. When there is a breakout of infectious diseases like H1N1 or SARS, the only thing you can do it to protect you and your loved ones from contracting it.


Chlorine Dioxide is recognized worldwide for being an effective disinfectant. However, Chlorine Dioxide, in liquid state does not last very long. Our scientists at our Ecom Headquarters in Japan worked hard to develop the Solid Chlorine Dioxide so that it lasts longer, and the Solid Chlorine Dioxide will disperse into the air through long-term slow release. Thus, the Solid Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) was born.

Fresh air is a beautiful thing

And it’s perfect, we noticed. But we spend 90% of our time indoors. Where air can be 5 times more polluted. It’s not just pollen, pet danger and dust. But like mould, chemical gas, bacteria, and viruses that cause us the most harm. All these get trapped indoors where they accumulate and multiply. That’s why ECOM product Committed to solving such problems.


Imagine you are sharing the same office as he does, and imaging your kids are playing with this boy in kindergarten. Are you worried about the virus spread on you or your children? So, our portable air mask that creates a 1-meter diameter space protect you from cross infection.

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